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Video of mass cheating in a Law exam is being shared as cheating in UPSC exam in Uttar Pradesh.


A video allegedly portraying mass cheating during a UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination in Uttar Pradesh is circulating on social media. Let’s verify this claim through this article. 

Claim: The video shows mass cheating during a UPSC Examination in Uttar Pradesh.

Fact: The video was actually shot during an LLB examination at City Law College, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, not a UPSC Exam. Hence, the claim made in the post is Misleading.

The video’s audio reveals the name of the college—City Law College, Barabanki—discussed by the person shooting the video. We used this information to conduct an Internet search, which led us to news articles (here, here, and here ) reporting the incident.

The investigation revealed that the incident was documented by Shivam Singh, a law student at TRC Law College in Uttar Pradesh. He exposed the rampant cheating during an LLB/ Law examination at City Law College, Barabanki. The video was widely shared online, capturing the attention of the university Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Pratibha Goyal, who promptly responded and constituted an inquiry committee to investigate the matter.

According to a report by India Today, “Authorities swiftly responded to the incident. A total of 26 students were apprehended for cheating during the examination. Additionally, 12 students were caught cheating at Avadh Law College, and 25 at TRC during the second shift of exams.”

The research conclusively shows that the viral video pertains to an LLB examination, not a UPSC examination, contradicting the viral claim. Further, there are no reports of any such mass cheating incident during a UPSC examination in Uttar Pradesh.

To sum up, the video in question displays mass cheating during an LLB examination at a law college in Uttar Pradesh and not during the UPSC civil service examination, as falsely claimed in the social media post.


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