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AI-Generated Image of PM Modi in Lavish Attire Circulating as Real Event Photo


A photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in lavish attire has been circulating on social media, with a claim that it depicts him at a recent event. Let’s verify the claim made in the post. 

Claim: Picture of PM Modi in a lavish attire is a real photo clicked at an event.

Fact: The image is an AI-generated creation, not an authentic photograph, and depicts an imaginary scenario of PM Modi attending a Met Gala event. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Initially, we searched for official government sources and media websites to determine whether PM Modi had recently attended an event where he dressed in such attire; however, we were unable to find any evidence. Additionally, we couldn’t locate any reputable media outlets featuring this image.

Next, we conducted a reverse image search on the viral photo and discovered that it was initially shared by a West Bengal-based digital creator named Sahid. On 03 April 2023, he posted this image, along with others featuring politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Joe Biden, stating that they represent AI-generated depictions of politicians attending the Met Gala. When social media users began sharing the AI-generated image of Modi as a real one, Sahid clarified that many people mistakenly believed these images to be genuine, when in fact, they were imaginative creations produced using Artificial Intelligence. Sahid confirmed to us that the image in question was generated with the AI image generation software Midjourney.

Likewise, Sahid’s page showcases an array of AI-generated images featuring well-known personalities in various situations. A few examples of these creations can be viewed here, here, and here.

To sum it up, the image circulating on social media of PM Modi wearing lavish attire is an AI-generated creation and not a genuine photograph.


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