Non-partisanship Policy

As an organization, we remain committed to objectivity and non-partisanship. Every employee of Factly is briefed at the time of joining about our non-partisanship policy. Our Fact Checks do not contain opinions of any sort, but simply state facts. We also ensure that anyone being recruited to the fact-check team does not have any affiliation with political parties and advocacy organizations except for those advocating transparency. 

The following are non-negotiables in our non-partisanship policy.

  • Personal biases & opinions cannot be part of any fact-check.
  • No employee is allowed to affiliate with any political party or advocacy organisation except for those advocating transparency.
  • No employee is allowed to campaign, wear symbols or attire that represents a political view.
  • No employee is allowed to use organization resources for printing, sharing, copying any material that is political in nature and supports a specific political point of view.
  • No employee is allowed to participate in any protest for a political cause.
  • No employee is allowed to influence colleagues or campaign to vote for a particular political party.

Any employee found violating the policy will go through an internal hearing process based on which necessary action is initiated.