Fact-Check Team

Fact-Check Team

Rakesh Dubbudu (Chief Editor)
Rakesh has been working on issues related to Right to Information (RTI) for a decade. He is a Data/Information enthusiast & passionate about Governance/Policy issues.

Bharath Guniganti (Editor)
Bharat is a Data enthusiast and is keen about fact-checking.

Chaitanya Gundapu (Senior Fact-Checker)
Chaitanya is an Engineer by training and is passionate about fact-checking.

Harshavardhan Konda (Senior Fact-Checker)
Harshavardhan is an Engineer by education and is passionate about fact-checking.

Varun Borugadda (Senior Fact-Checker)
Varun did his Masters in Mass Communication & Media Studies. He is passionate about getting facts across to people.

Sushmitha Ponnala (Senior Fact-Checker)
Sushmitha holds an undergraduate degree in History Honors and dual Master’s degrees in Women’s Studies and Sociology.

Akshay Kumar Appani (Senior Fact-Checker)
Akshay is an Engineer by education and brings a meticulous approach to fact-checking. 

Nanditha Kalidoss (Communications Lead – Misinformation)
Nanditha started out with her training in Media & Communications but subsequently hopped on to policymaking & strategy and now on to understanding & tackling misinformation.

Parvati Mohan (Lead – Audiovisual Production)
Parvati is the video production lead for fact-check videos.

Jyothi Jeeru (Senior Designer)
Jyothi is a graphic designer.

Suresh Dharavath (Video Editor)
Suresh is a video editor.

Abhishek Puttagopu (Executive)
Abhishek is a digital marketing executive and looks after the YouTube channel.

Pavithra KM (Senior Research Associate)
Pavithra is a social scientist by training and specializes in Public Policy and Governance.