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2011 video of Japan Tsunami devastation revived again as visuals of floods in Pakistan


A video was earlier shared on social media claiming it as visuals of floods in the Pakistani city of Karachi. FACTLY had recently received the same video on its Whatsapp Tipline number (+91 9247052470). Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Recent visuals of floods in Karachi city, Pakistan.

Fact: The video shared in the post shows the 2011 Tsunami devastation in Japan. This video shows tsunami waves surging into the Ishinomaki city in Japan. This video was shot by an employee of ‘Ishinomaki gas Corporation Limited’ from the rooftop of his company. This video has nothing to do with Karachi city in Pakistan. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

On reverse image search of the screenshots in the video, a video with similar visuals was found posted by the ‘FNN311’ YouTube channel on 26 October 2012. This YouTube channel reported it as the visuals of tsunami waves surging into the Ishinomaki city in Japan. ‘FNN311’ is the official YouTube channel of Japanese News Network ‘FUJI’. This channel was specially dedicated to publishing videos related to the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ of 2011. According to the description of the video, because of the powerful earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan, on ‘11 March 2011’, large tsunami waves have surged into the Ishinomaki city of Miyagi district, Japan.

Also, the description of the video stated that these visuals were shot by an employer of ‘Ishinomaki gas Corporation Limited’ company in Ishinomaki, Japan. He shot this video reportedly from the rooftop of his company while large tsunami waves suddenly surged near the Ishinomaki fishing port. The images of ‘Ishinomaki Gas Corporation Limited’ can be seen here and here. The visuals of the ‘Ishinomaki Gas Corporation Limited’ match with the visuals in the video. From all these pieces of evidence, it is confirmed that the video was shot in Ishinomaki city in Japan.  

FACTLY had earlier debunked the same video when it was shared as visuals of floods in China.

To sum it up, a 2011 Japan Tsunami devastation video is revived again as visuals of floods in Pakistan.


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