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This photo of ‘The Statue of Unity’ with Graffiti is morphed, not authentic


A post with the image of ‘Statue of Unity’ that has names written on it is being shared on social media. The post description reads, ‘Kon hai ye log … kahaa se aate hai’, which translates to ‘ who are these people, where do they come from,’ lamenting that people are defacing even such monuments. Let’s fact-check this photo through this post.

Claim: Image of the Statue of Unity with Graffiti.

Fact: The original version of this image does not contain any writings on the statue. There are also no media reports of any such incident. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We searched the internet with relevant keywords to know if news organisations have reported an incident of graffiti on the ‘Statue of Unity.’ The search did not yield any relevant information. Since the Statue of Unity is a famous monument in India, any damage to it would be widely reported. However, no such reports are found.

Further, we performed a reverse image search on the post’s image and found the original image (source:PTI). This image of the ‘Statue of Unity’ does not contain any graffiti. This confirms that the image shared in the viral post is morphed/edited to include graffiti.

To sum up, this photo of the Statue of Unity with graffiti is morphed.


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