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The person standing beside Rahul Gandhi in this photo is not Nathan Anderson, the founder of Hindenburg research


A social media post with a picture of Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi alongside a person whom the post alleges is Nathan Anderson, founder of Hindenburg research, is being shared on social media. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Rahul Gandhi’s picture with the founder of Hindenburg research, Nahan Anderson.

Fact: The person in this picture is Niels Annen, a German politician. This picture of him alongside Rahul Gandhi was taken in 2018 during Rahul’s four-day tour of the United Kingdom and Germany. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

To learn more about the viral photo, we ran a reverse image search on ‘Google reverse image search.’ This led us to a few news reports (here, here and here) from 2018 containing the same image.

According to the reports, the person in the picture is Niels Annen, a German politician. Rahul Gandhi was on a four-day tour to the United Kingdom and Germany in August 2018 and met Mr Niels as part of it. The same picture was also posted by Congress party on their official Twitter handle, which can be seen here.

Hindenburg research, a forensic financial research company, was founded by Nathan Anderson. Recently, the company released a report on Indian Billionaire Gautam Adani, which accused him of accounting fraud and stock manipulation. More details about Nathan can be found here and here.

To sum up, an old photo of Rahul Gandhi with a German Politician is now shared as that alongside Nathan Anderson, the founder of Hindenburg research.


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