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The person dancing in this video is not Rajasthan’s BJP president CP Joshi


A video of a man dancing to the song Titliaan is being shared on social media, claiming that the person in this video is Rajasthan’s newly appointed BJP chief, Chandra Prakash Joshi. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: A dance video of Rajasthan’s newly appointed BJP President CP Joshi.

Fact: The person dancing in the video is a teacher from Uttar Pradesh named Ajay Kumar Sharma. The video of his dance to the song Titliaan went viral on social media in December 2022. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

To know whether the person dancing in the viral video is the newly appointed state chief of BJP, CP Joshi, we ran the footage through the InVid tool and performed a reverse image search using the keyframes acquired in the process. This search led us to media reports (here and here) from December 2022, which contained screenshots of the viral video.

Reportedly, a video of an elderly man grooving to the song Titliaan went viral on social media in December 2022. According to an article published by India Today on 20 December 2022, the person in the video is Ajay Kumar Sharma. He is a teacher hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

Sharma also spoke about this viral video in a short interview uploaded on YouTube by a channel named Rebel Vlogs. An Instagram page under his name also contains the same interview; this page also contains some of his other dance videos.

Meanwhile, Chandra Prakash Joshi was appointed as the president of BJP, Rajasthan, on 23 March 2023. You can see the difference between Mr Shama and Mr Joshi in the collage posted below.

To sum up, a dance video of a teacher named Ajay Kumar Sarma is peddled as that of the newly appointed chief of BJP, CP Joshi.


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