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Julian Assange did not make these comments on the Muslim population in India


A social media post shares a quote purportedly made by Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks which in Hindi translates to “No matter how nationalist the next prime minister of the country is, if his government does not implement the one or two child family planning law like China and Myanmar to prevent the explosion of Muslim population, India will become an Islamic nation. Julian Assange.” Let’s verify this claim through this article.

Claim: Julian Assange said that if the next Indian PM does not come up with a one or two-child policy to control the Muslim population in India, India will soon become an Islamist nation. 

Fact: There are no credible reports online to validate this claim. In the past, Julian Assange has made comments regarding Islamic terrorism but he spoke nothing about the Indian Muslim population. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To verify if Julian Assange has made such a statement about controlling the Muslim population in India to prevent it from becoming an Islamic nation, we performed a keyword search on the internet. This did not lead us to any supportive evidence for the claim. Julian Assange being the founder of WikiLeaks would generally get coverage in the media if he makes any such statement. That too if he had made a statement about India, Indian mainstream media outlets would definitely report it. But, that is not the case here making it clear that a false statement is being attributed to him.

Additionally, we found that, in the past, Julian Assange has made statements regarding the Islamic State. “Clinton and Islamic State are funded by the same money: Julian Assange,” Deccan Chronicle reported in 2016 quoting Assange.

Also, the WikiLeaks website in 2010 wrote a rather supportive statement on Indian Muslims praising our Vibrant Democracy. 

To sum up, Julian Assange has not made the purported statement on the Muslim population in India.


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