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No, this video does not show the supply of oxygen to India from Saudi Arabia


A video is being widely shared on social media platforms claiming that oxygen is arriving in India from Saudi Arabia. Let us fact-check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video showing arrival of oxygen from Saudi Arabia to India.

Fact: The video shows the transportation of LPG tanks in Saudi Arabia for a National Gas & Industrial Company named GASCO. There are no reports of any oxygen being supplied to India via these tanks. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

A TikTok username was mentioned on the video, when one skims through the profile of the TikTok user, the same video was found to have been uploaded on 27 April 2021. This means this video is not a recent one. The TikTok video was of better quality than the viral video. It could be seen that the logo on the huge tank was of a company named GASCO. However, on 07 April 2021, the company released a statement announcing a new logo that was different from the one seen in the video. GASCO- National Gas & Industrial Company, is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

When searched on YouTube using relevant keywords, similar videos (here and here) of the same vehicle with the same huge tank on its back, were found. According to these videos, the huge tanks that were being transported are Liquified Petroleum Gas tanks for GASCO’s project in Riyadh. FTE Logistics is said to have been given the contract of transporting these LPG tanks to GASCO’s expansion project. Its YouTube channel had uploaded similar videos (here and here).

In early 2021, Zamil Industrial Investment Company had announced the arrival of these steel tanks (for storing LPG) at GASCO’s headquarters in Riyadh. The same was tweeted by GASCO from its official Twitter account on 13 February 2021. There was no mention of any oxygen being transported to India via these tanks.

To sum it up, no, this video does not show the supply of oxygen to India from Saudi Arabia.


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