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Dance video of a construction worker in China is falsely shared as that of Hyderabad Metro worker


A Facebook post with a dance video of a construction worker is being shared by many users. The post claims that the man seen in the video is a worker of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited. Let’s try to analyze the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: The dance video is that of a Metro Rail worker in Hyderabad.

Fact: The video is actually that of a construction worker in South-Western China’s Sichuan province. So, the claim made in the post is FALSE

When one goes through the comments section of the video posted, in one of the comments, it is mentioned by a user that the video is actually from China.

On searching in YouTube with keywords “Metro dance China”, the similar video posted on Facebook was found to be uploaded by the Hong Kong based ‘South China Morning Post’. The video carries the description as: “A construction worker in southwestern China’s Sichuan province learned how to dance, and posting his smooth moves online has made him a star”. The same video was posted by multiple Chinese users on Twitter as well as YouTube way back in February 2019.

The video gained momentum on social media platforms after it was tweeted by the MD of Hyderabad metro. Among others, it was retweeted by TRS Leader KTR. He later deleted his tweet because it was not from Hyderabad. But some media channels took it up and shared it as Hyderabad metro worker dance.

To sum it up, this dance video is not that of a worker in Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited. It is that of a construction worker in South-Western China’s Sichuan province.

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