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Old image shared as ‘Cyclone Vayu’ hitting the Mumbai coast


A few Facebook users are posting an image of a wave hitting the Mumbai Beach and are alleging that it is ‘Cyclone Vayu’ hitting the coasts of Mumbai. In the post, they have even cautioned the public to stay on alert as the situation is dangerous all over the city. Let’s try to verify the authenticity of the image posted.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: The wave hitting the Mumbai beach in the image is ‘Cyclone Vayu’ hitting the Mumbai coast.

Fact: The image was uploaded in 2018 by an Instagram user. So it is not related to the latest ‘Cyclone Vayu’. Hence, the claim stands FALSE.  

On doing a Google Reverse Image Search, the photo was found in an Instagram account. When one checks the date of publishing the image, it was found to be July 16, 2018. So, the image posted on Facebook is an old one and is in no way related to the recent ‘Cyclone Vayu’.

Hence, the image is not related to ‘Cyclone Vayu’ hitting the Mumbai coast.

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