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BJP Mahila Morcha leader who made offensive remarks about Muslims is expelled


A post, with a screenshot of insensitive and offensive comments made by a BJP leader, is being circulated widely on social media. In her alleged comments, she asks Hindus to rape Muslim mothers and sisters. She also claims that it is the only way to improve India and protect Hindus.  Let’s try to check whether the BJP leader actually made those comments.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: BJP Mahila Morcha Leader made offensive remarks asking Hindu brothers to rape Muslim mothers and sisters.

Fact: BJP Mahila Morcha National President has tweeted that the leader in question (Sunitha Singh Gowda) who made the comments was expelled from her post. Also, the UP police officials have said that the investigation on the issue is under way. Hence the claim made in the post is TRUE. 

The English translation of the comment in the post reads, “There is only one solution for them (Muslims). Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang rape their (Muslim) mothers and sisters openly on the streets and then cut them and impale their vagina and then hang her in the middle of a bazaar for others to see. When Muslim women won’t be able to get out of their homes then these piglets will correct themselves. If we need to protect India, then Hindu brothers must barge into every Muslim home by making a group of 10-20 and gang-rape their women. There is no other way.”

In the post, it can be seen that a local BJP Mahila Morcha leader who made those comments is Sunitha Singh Gowda. In her profile, she claims that she is ‘President at Mahila Morcha BJP’.

The comments in the post were not found on her profile, since she may have deleted the same. But when we looked for any other information on her bizarre comments, it was found that the BJP Mahila Morcha National President Vijaya Rahatkar has tweeted on this issue. In reply to a tweet with the same screenshots, she has tweeted saying that the BJP Mahila Morcha leader who allegedly made those offensive comments was expelled from the position of Ramkola Mandal BJP Mahila Morcha President. Also, when FACTLY contacted the UP Police Officials, they told that the comments were removed from Facebook and the case is being investigated.

To sum it up, a BJP Mahila Morcha local leader made offensive remarks about Muslims and she is now expelled.

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