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Video of Pakistani singer’s son is being circulated as that of a Martyred Army Officer’s son


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with a video of a child singing a song with the comments, “This is an Army Officer’s son. His father died in an operation against militants. His mother died of shock on hearing the news. He is studying in a boarding Army Public School. Look at his confidence. An exceptionally beautiful video.” Let’s try to analyze the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: The child singing song is the son of a martyred Army officer.

Fact: The child is the son of Pakistani singer Nadeem Abbas who is still alive. So, the claim that he is the son of a martyred Army officer stands FALSE. 

When one goes through the comments section of the video, a certain user has commented that the boy in the video is Ghulam-e-Murtaza, a social media star from Pakistan.

When searched for additional information, it was found that he is the son of a Pakistani singer Nadeem Abbas. While going through his Facebook account, a 2-year old post was found. From this post, it is clear that Nadeem Abbas’s son Ghulam-e-Murtaza has sung this song ‘Baba Mere Pyaare Baba’ as a tribute to the martyred school children in Peshawar terrorist attacks.

Gulam-e-Murtaza clarified through his Facebook account that his father is still alive and he had performed the song along with his father Nadeem Abbas. He even requested people to stop spreading fake news that his father had died.  In 2014, Pakistani Taliban terrorists have attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar killing 141 persons that included 132 children.

To summarise, the child isn’t the son of a martyred Army Officer. He is the son of a Pakistan singer Nadeem Abbas, who is still alive.

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