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An old video of fire at a Philippines’ post office is falsely shared as footage of the Swedish Presidential palace fire


A video depicting a towering inferno is being shared with a claim that it shows the Swedish Presidential palace in flames. In this article, we will fact-check this information.

Claim: This video shows the Sweden Presidential palace engulfed in fire. 

Fact: Contrary to the claim, this video shows a fire incident at a historic post office building in Manila, Philippines. The blaze occurred in May 2023. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To investigate the origins of the viral video, we conducted a reverse image search using keyframes from the footage. Our search led us to various news reports (here, here, and here) that shed light on the incident associated with the viral video.

According to sources, a massive fire erupted at a historic post office in Manila, Philippines. The incident resulted in minor injuries to one individual. A comparison between the building featured in the viral clip and the Manila post office reveals their resemblance. During the latest France riots, this video was also misattributed and shared as a library building burnt in France. Factly also debunked this, which you can see here.

To sum up, the viral footage shows a post office building in Manila, Philippines, during a fire incident in May 2023. 


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