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This photo of a Satellite-Draped Building is not real


A photo of a building shrouded in satellite dishes has been making rounds on social media, accompanied by a claim that it is not a digitally edited image. In this article, we will examine the veracity of this claim and present factual information.

Claim: This photo of a building cloaked in satellite dishes is real, not digitally edited.

Fact: This is a digitally manipulated photo created by an artist named Till Nowak. It features an actual building whose height was digitally doubled in post-production, with 3D-modeled satellite dishes added. Hence, the claim made in the post is  False.

A reverse image search using Google led us to multiple articles (here, here, and here) addressing the origins of this viral photo. These sources corroborate that the image in question combines elements of actual photography and digital editing and was crafted by an artist named Till Nowak.

Till Nowak showcased the same image on his website, framebox.com, under the title ‘Dishes`.’ This artwork, created in 2007, involves digitally augmenting the height of a real building captured in a photograph and integrating 3D-rendered models of satellite dishes into the composition.

To sum up, the photo circulating on social media, portraying a building adorned with satellite dishes, is not an authentic depiction but digitally created.


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