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Visuals of colourful AI-generated birds are being shared as real birds.


A video containing multiple clips of colourful birds is widely circulated on social media platforms claiming that these are real birds. “The mind becomes happy just by seeing what beautiful colours God has given to the birds, with the hope that your mind always remains happy and cheerful, says the text with the claim. Through this fact-checking article, we check the veracity of this claim.

An archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: The colourful birds shown in a viral video are real.

Fact: The birds shown in the viral video are not real but were artificially generated using AI technology by an artist named Kelly Boesch. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

We performed a reverse image search on several keyframes from the viral video to investigate the claim. This search led us to the same video uploaded on YouTube on 5 Feb 2024. The video description indicated that the birds were AI-generated.

Further, we searched for more related videos. We found the same video uploaded by a social media user named Kelly Boesch on TikTok and ‘X’. The birds in Kelly’s video appear in the same sequence as in the viral video, along with identical music and sound effects. The original video carries a watermark – ‘@kelly_boesch_ai_art’, which is absent in the viral video.

In her Twitter post, Kelly mentioned how her #ai video garnered 1.5M views on TikTok in just six hours. Kelly describes herself as an AI artist, creator, designer, and more on her X bio.

To sum up, the colourful birds shown in the viral video have not been bestowed by nature but are the work of an AI artist.


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