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Video of lions spotted in the residential areas of Junagadh is falsely shared as lions spotted in Thane


A video of a lions pride roaming on the roads of a street is being shared with the claim that the lions were spotted at Ghodbunder road Thane, Maharashtra. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post. 

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of a pride of lions spotted in the residential areas is from Thane, Maharashtra.

Fact: The video shows lions spotted in the residential area of ‘Bhavanath’ in Junagadh of Gujarat state. Hence, the claim is FALSE.   

When one goes through the comments section of the post, a few of them have commented that the incident is from Gujarat.

So, when searched on YouTube with relevant keywords, many search results were obtained. ‘The Times of India’ search result had the same video on its YouTube channel and the video had the following description – “A pride of Asiatic lions was recently spotted at Gujarat’s Junagadh. In this video taken by a resident of Bharti Ashram of Bhavnath area, the pride of lions can be seen strolling through the residential area on a rainy night. The pride is reportedly made up of seven Asiatic lions. Residents have also reported that such sightings of the pride have become regular in recent times”.   

Hence we can conclude that the lions were actually spotted in Gujarat not Thane, Maharashtra.

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