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Video of a motorcyclist falling into a pothole in Brazil is being falsely shared as an incident from Hyderabad


A video of a motorcyclist falling into a pothole on the road is being shared widely with the claim that the incident took place in Hyderabad. Let’s analyze the authenticity of that claim.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

The video was posted on Facebook in 2016, but it is now being shared again in the wake of the recent heavy rainfall in the Hyderabad city.

Claim: Video of a motorcyclist falling into a pothole on the road is from Hyderabad.

Fact: The incident took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2015. It is in no way related to Hyderabad. So, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

When searched on YouTube with the keywords ‘Motorcycle falls in pothole’, many search results were obtained. The video clip in the post was found among those search results and has the title ‘Motorcycle falls in hole – Brazil’. When searched on Google with relevant keywords, a news video of ‘CBS News’ regarding the incident was found on YouTube and it had the timestamp January 27, 2015. The video has the following description – ‘Video shows a motorcyclist in Sao Paulo, Brazil, driving into a pothole big enough to swallow his bike. The cyclist walked away unhurt. But the bike? Not so much. A tow truck had to pull it out of the huge hole caused by a broken water main. CBSN’s Vladimir Duthiers reports’.

A newspaper report which corroborates that the incident took place in Brazil can be read here.

To conclude, a video of a motorcyclist in Brazil falling into a pothole is falsely shared as that of an incident from Hyderabad.

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