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Unrelated visuals are shared as purported evidence of aliens and strange objects on cosmic bodies like the Moon and Mars


In an era where various space agencies from multiple nations are launching space missions, a wealth of information has surfaced about alien encounters and the discovery of strange objects on celestial bodies such as the Moon, Mars, etc. In this article, let’s verify the claims made in each respective video.

Video 1:

This video claims that the Chandrayaan-3’s Pragyaan rover has sent a video of an Alien roaming on the lunar surface to ISRO. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

We searched through the official website and social media handles of ISRO and found no such footage shared by the Pragyaan rover or Vikram Lander. Also, ISRO did not confirm the presence of aliens on the moon. A reverse image search of the viral video reveals it has been used for many years to spread conspiracy theories about alleged alien sightings on the moon. NASA did not release this video and no credible media outlet confirms it, which makes it clear this is an edited footage and not a real one.

Video 2:

Another video is being shared claiming that NASA’s perseverance and the Curiosity rover have found strange objects on the surface of the moon. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

The video suggests that NASA’s rovers spotted a snake among Mars’ rocks. However, NASA never confirmed this. Experts believe it could be Pareidolia, where people see specific images in random patterns. NASA asserts they haven’t found life on Mars yet. Also, the video shows random images it labels as a wheel & axle, coffin, etc., but neither NASA nor scientists have confirmed these claims. An article that explains the strange images captured by NASA’s rovers can be read here.


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