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This post shares an animated video as actual footage of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe decorated with a rainbow flag


A video in which Paris’ Arc de Triomphe can be seen with a looping rainbow flag installed is being shared on social media cliaming that this was done to commemorate Pride Month. Let’s verify this claim through this post.

Claim:  Footage shows a real looping rainbow flag installed at Paris’ Arc de Triomphe.

Fact: The viral video does not show an actual flag installation but a 3D animation created by digital artist Ian Padgham. No credible news reports support the claim, and evidence from Padgham’s social media accounts confirms the nature of the video as a digital creation. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

In our search for evidence to support the claim, we looked for relevant news reports about the rainbow installation on the Arc de Triomphe but found no credible sources to validate it. 

However, a reverse image search using keyframes from the video led us to an Instagram post by ‘moltenimmersiveart‘, attributing the video to Ian Padgham, a video artist known for his 3D animated creations. Padgham himself uploaded the video on Instagram and Twitter.

Further evidence supporting the digital nature of the video can be found in Padgham’s response to a comment suggesting the use of AI. He clarified that no AI was employed, and the animation was created through manual 3D animation techniques and meticulous editing. 

Padgham has a history of producing similar animated videos, as evident from his social media accounts, including one where the renowned “Big Ben” tower appeared bent.

To sum up, the viral video does not represent an actual rainbow flag installation on the Arc de Triomphe commemorating Pride Month. It is a digital animation created by Ian Padgham, a video artist known for his creative works.


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