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The video of BJP’s flag being waived is not from Balochistan.


A Facebook post with a video showing men and women waving the BJP flag is being shared widely. The post claims that BJP flags were waved in Balochistan, a region in Pakistan, and that they believe that they can get independence if Modi comes back to power. Let’s try to analyze the authenticity of the video and claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: BJP flags were waved in Pakistan’s Balochistan province  

Fact: This video was taken when BJP’s candidate from Anantnag Parliamentary constituency (Jammu & Kashmir) Sofi Yousuf filed his nomination papers. Hence, the claim stated is FALSE

When seen in the comments section of the post, many of the respondents claim the video to be from Kashmir. A certain respondent even enclosed a video in the comments. The video has the title, “अनंतनाग से BJP उम्मीदवार Sofi Yousuf ने भरा नामांकन, लोगों में दिखा जबरदस्त जोश”. The upload date of this video was found to be March 30, 2019.

With the information obtained, when Twitter advanced search is performed on BJP Jammu & Kashmir unit’s Twitter account between the dates 29th March and 1st April, a tweet with the date March 31, 2019, that has the truncated part of the video was found. In the tweet, it was written that, BJP’s Anantnag Parliamentary Constituency Candidate Sh. Sofi Yousuf accompanied by thousands of supporters has filed nomination papers in Anantnag.

To summarize, this isn’t the video from Balochistan. It is that of BJP’s candidate from Anantnag Sofi Yousuf filing his nomination papers.


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