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An old video of a crowded sleeper coach of Coromandel Express is shared now as a video taken on the day of Odisha train Mishap


A video of a railway coach jam-packed with passengers is circulating on social media, claiming that it depicts the state of the Coromandel Express involved in the freak train accident that occurred on 2 June 2023. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Visuals inside a sleeper coach of the Coromandel Express that met with an accident in Odisha’s Balasore on 2 June 2023. 

Fact: Although this video was shot inside the Coromandel Express, it was not filmed on the day of the accident. It was filmed on 5 May 2023 by a passenger named Sidhant Kumar Panda. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To investigate the viral video, we performed a keyword search on the internet using relevant keywords. This search led us to a tweet by a user named Sidhant Kumar Panda who tweeted the same video. Tagging the Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav and several railway-related handles on Twitter, Sidhant posted this video to bring their attention to the situation inside a sleeper coach of the Coromandel Express.

In response to his tweet, on 5 May 2023, RailwaySeva, the official Twitter account for railway-related queries, requested Sidhant to provide details or write or call them.

After the Coromandel Express met with an accident on 2 June 2023, Sidhant commented under the same tweet, thanking everyone concerned about his safety. He assured everybody that he was fine and that he travelled in the Coromandel Express a few days before the train was involved in the accident. All of this evidence clearly disproves the claim made in the viral post that the video shows the situation inside the Coromandel Express train involved in the tragic Odisha train crash.

To sum up, the video being shared as the situation inside the Coromandel Express on the day of the Odisha train mishap is an old one.


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