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President Murmu has not approved a new scheme similar to Agnipath Scheme for the recruitment of teachers


A post is being shared on social media claiming that president Droupadi Murmu has approved new rules for recruiting B.Ed graduates as teachers. According to the post, recruitment will be similar to the recruitment of Agniveers into the armed forces. It further claims that the recruitment will be four fold, the job duration will be ten years, and the new rules will be effective from 01 September 2022. Similar posts and videos are also being shared on social media. Let’s fact-check these claims in this article.

Claim: President Murmu has approved a new scheme similar to Agnipath Scheme for recruiting B.Ed teachers.

Fact: No official Circular/Press Release/notification was released by the Ministry of Education and by the office of the President regarding the recruitment of B.Ed graduates for the teacher’s posts. Hence the claims made in the post are FALSE.

Since the post claims that the President of India has approved a recruitment scheme for teachers, similar to the Agnipath Scheme, we checked the President’s official website for evidence. We did not find any official information related to such a decision. Further, a search on the Ministry of Education’s website yielded no relevant evidence for the post’s claim.

We also looked for news reports on such a recruitment scheme but did not find any. If the President had indeed approved such a scheme, major mainstream media outlets would have widely reported it considering the controversy surrounding the Agnipath scheme. With this evidence, we can conclude that the claims made in the post are false.

The recruitment of teachers in the state and central government schools is done through dedicated recruitment exams, and mandatory Teacher Eligibility Tests (CTET, APTET etc.). Their details can be read here.

PIB Fact Check team through their tweet clarified that no such decision has been taken to recruit teachers on the lines of Agniveer.

To summarise, President Murmu has not approved a new scheme similar to the Agnipath Scheme for recruiting B.Ed graduates for the post of teachers.

Update (25 August 2022):
This article had been updated with the clarification tweet from PIB Fact Check.


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