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Old video of protests is being shared linking it to Agnipath protests in Bihar


Following the announcement of Agnipath scheme, multiple states have witnessed protests against the scheme. Bihar also witnessed violent protests and incidents of protesters setting fire to public properties. In this context, a post accompanying the video of a protester demanding the government to take back the legislation is being widely circulated linking it to the Agnipath protests. In the video, the protester proclaims himself as Lalu supporter and he further avoids media questions when asked about the cause of the protest. Through this article let’s fact-check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of protester avoiding media question during Agnipath protests in Bihar.

Fact: It is true that Bihar has witnessed some violent protests in wake of Agnipath scheme. However, the viral video is not related to these protests. The video is available on the internet much earlier than the announcement of Agnipath scheme and most likely is related to RRB NTPC exam protests which happened in Bihar, earlier in January 2022. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Along with many other states, Bihar has also witnessed incidents of violent protests following the announcement of the Agnipath scheme. However, the video shared in the viral post is not related to the Agnipath protests but related to another protest which happened much earlier than the announcement of Agnipath scheme.

Reverse image search of the screen shots of the viral video led us to a YouTube video which carried similar visuals. The video was uploaded on YouTube on 28 January 2022 and as per the title of the video, the visuals are related to RRB- NTPC exam.

This implies that the video is not related to Agnipath protests, as the central government announced the Agnipath scheme on 14 June 2022.

Further search yielded multiple news reports of student protests in Bihar, against the alleged discrepancy in the RRB NTPC 2021 exam (here, here & here). As per these reports, protests have taken place in the month of January 2022. Hence, most likely the viral video could be related to these protests.

To sum it up, old video of protests is being shared linking it to recent Agnipath protests in Bihar.


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