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Old unrelated videos are being falsely linked to the Israel-Palestine conflict


A viral video compilation claiming to be recent footage from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is making rounds on various social media platforms. These videos depict the horrific destruction of what is claimed to be Israeli cities. Through this fact-check, we look at the authenticity of these claims.

Claim: The viral video compilation includes footage from the recent Israel-Palestine conflict.

Fact: Upon examination, it was found that the third and fourth video clips in the compilation are old footage of tornadoes from Italy in 2021 and 2023. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

Although we could not find the source videos for the first two clips of the viral compilation, we found that the third and fourth clips are old and unrelated to the ongoing Israel and Palestine conflict.

To verify the clips in the viral video, a reverse image search technique was implemented on keyframes from the third and fourth videos. This search led us to several articles and videos reporting on tornado events in Italy and Milan.

The third video clip was traced back to a report (also this) from September 2021 by Italian news outlet La7 about a tornado hitting the Italian island of Capri.

Similarly, the fourth video was linked to the September 2023 tornado in Milan and its suburbs, as reported by Russian news agency Vesti.ru and Moroccan news outlet Tele Maroc.

A comparison between the original video reports and the viral clips leaves no doubt that the latter are merely old footage. Thus, the claim that these videos are from the recent Israel-Palestine conflict is incorrect.

To sum up, although the original context of the first two videos in the compilation could not be confirmed, the third and fourth videos are unrelated to the recent Israel-Palestine conflict.


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