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Old Unrelated Video Falsely Shared as CBI Officials Brutally Thrashing Accused in Odisha Train Tragedy


A video circulating on social media alleges that it shows the main accused, Mohammad Sharif, in the recent Odisha train tragedy being brutally thrashed while naked. The post further claims that this happened after CBI officials found him hiding in a Madarsa in West Bengal. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Visuals of CBI officials thrashing Station Master Mohammad Sharif, the main accused in the Odisha train tragedy, after apprehending him from a Madrasa in West Bengal.

Fact: The viral video has been circulating for at least 2 years, depicting an incident in Mexico where a robber is being assaulted. Moreover, during the time of the accident, the person in charge of Bahanaga Bazar station was Station Superintendent S. B. Mohanty, who has already been questioned by the authorities. There is no staff member named Mohammed Sharif at that station. Also, CBI has not disclosed any information regarding the individuals responsible for the accident yet. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

FACTLY debunked the claim earlier when rumours circulated alleging that the station master of Bahanaga Bazar named Mohammad Sharif was absconding after the accident. Our investigation revealed that there is no staff member named Mohammad Sharif at the station. Moreover, the person in charge of the station at the time of the accident was the station superintendent S.B. Mohanty, who is not absconding.

Moreover, a reverse image search of the viral video revealed that the same video has been circulating (here, here & here) for over 2 years, showing a robber being assaulted in Mexico.

This clearly indicates that the viral video has no connection with the Odisha train tragedy, which took place in June 2023. Furthermore, the South Eastern Railway has confirmed that none of the railway staff members are absconding and are cooperating with the investigation.

To sum it up, the video that is shared as CBI officials thrashing the alleged station master Mohammad Sharif is old and unrelated to the recent Odisha train tragedy.


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