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No, this video doesn’t show Police personnel beating men for not wearing a helmet


A video of Police personnel beating a few men is being shared with the claim that the Police were beating them for not wearing a helmet. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of the men beaten by the Police personnel for not wearing a helmet.     

Fact: The men were beaten by the Police in an election-related issue of Raj Rishi college in Rajasthan. Hence, the claim is FALSE.   

When the video in the post was run through the ‘InVid’ plugin, several keyframes were obtained. On subjecting these keyframes to Yandex search, a certain keyframe led to the same video uploaded on YouTube on August 28, 2019. From the description of the video, it was found that the video is related to an election-related issue of Raj Rishi college in  Alwar. When searched with keywords on Google, a news video of Aaj Tak, reporting about the incident was found. As per this article, the students of Raj Rishi college who protested alleging rigging in the student union elections were beaten up by the Police, when the students were on their way to meet Collector to appraise him of the unfair campus elections. In the lathicharge, a retired army man Amarchand Meena was also found to have been injured.

The news report of “Patrika” regarding the Police lathicharge on the Alwar college students can be read here. Also, in another article from the same news agency, it was found that the S.I. related to this incident was suspended for such an act.  

Ever since the implementation of the new traffic rules from 1st September, many old and unrelated videos are being passed off linking them to Police arrogance on public. Earlier, when a video of Police beating two young men was viral with a similar claim, ‘FACTLY’ had fact checked it and the article can be read here.

To conclude, this video doesn’t show Police personnel beating few men for not wearing a helmet, they were beaten in an election-related incident of Raj Rishi college of Alwar

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