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No, the woman in the picture was not beaten up by the Policemen


A collage with the photos of an injured woman with Policemen is being shared widely on Facebook. The claim is that the woman was beaten up by the Policemen. Let’s try to check the veracity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: The woman in the picture was beaten up by the Policemen

Fact: The woman was first groped by two men in UP’s Mainpuri, and was then beaten by a crowd for protesting against it. So, the claim that the woman was beaten up by the Policemen is FALSE.

When the image in the collage is cropped and subjected to Google reverse image search technique, a search result thus obtained lead us to an article of ‘India Times’ that carried both the images seen in the collage. As per the article, the woman was beaten up by a crowd in UP’s Mainpuri after she has spoken against two men who groped her. This incident took place in 2016. In the article, it was also reported that the woman has said to the Police, who arrived after she made a call to them, that she would shoot herself if they wouldn’t arrest the men who groped her. So, the Policemen seen in the photo might be the ones who arrived after she has made a call to the Police.

The video clip of the woman being beaten up by the crowd can be seen in the ‘Aaj Tak’ news video that reported about the incident. 

To conclude, these images are not of the crime against a woman by the Policemen.

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