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No Supernatural force is behind the visuals of this invisible Bicycle; this was digitally created


A post is being shared on social media with a video showing people riding invisible bicycles. The post description contains the #ghost which implies that this is a supernatural event. Let’s find out the truth behind this video through this article.

Claim: Supernatural power is behind the invisible Bicycles shown in this video.

Fact: This is a work of fiction created by Argentine Filmmaker and visual artist Fernando Livschitz and is just a tiny portion of his film titled Perspective. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We performed a reverse image search on Yandex with a few keyframes from the video, leading us to an Instagram account. It belongs to a user named Fernando Livschitz, a Filmmaker and a VIsual Artist. We searched his Instagram videos for the clip from the viral post and found the same. He posted the video on 16 August 2019, and the post’s title reads 인증됨 Perspective / #vimeostaffpick.

With this hint, we searched on the internet with relevant keywords to find his film, Perspective, uploaded five years ago to Vimeo. Fernando Livschitz directed this video. The visuals of a woman riding an Invisible bicycle appear at the 1 minute 10 seconds mark. These are the same visuals the viral post claims as a supernatural whole.

This is just a work of fiction which was created digitally. The post description also links to Fernando Livschitz’s website (Black Sheep films), where he has uploaded similar digitally created videos. To know more about him, click here and here.

To sum up, no supernatural force is behind the visuals of this invisible Bicycle; this was digitally created.


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