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Video of a group of men dragging a woman out of an open drain is from Delhi, not UP


A video of a group of men dragging out a woman who fell into an open drain is being widely shared on social media. The post (archived) claims that the incident happened in Uttar Pradesh. Let’s fact- check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of a group of men dragging a woman out of an open drain in Uttar Pradesh.

Fact: Visual search based on the clues in the video confirmed that the video belongs to Begumpur, Delhi. This area comes under Municipal Corporation of Delhi, which is also responsible for the road conditions of Begumpur area. Hence, the claim made in the post is MISLEADING 

We ran a reverse image search using keyframes of the video and found that the extended version of the same video was uploaded on YouTube by a Local news channel on 23 August 2022. However, the video claims that the incident took place in Begampur, Delhi. We looked for the clues in the video and found name boards of ‘Fashion World’, ‘….lity Hospital’ and ‘Sahil Fitness Club’.

Taking a cue from this, we looked for the ‘Fashion World’ & ‘Sahil fitness club’ in Begumpur area and couldn’t get any relavant results. Then we looked for the various super-speciality and multi-speciality Hospitals in Begumpur. We came across “Hira’s Multi-speciality Hospital”, whose Google Street view Image matches with name board in the Viral Video.

Using the Google Street view, we found that the incident happened near Main Barwala Road, Begumpur Extension, Delhi-110086. We also found the image of the open drain where the incident took place. The open drain is in front of the Hira’s Hospital. According to the Delhi state election commission’s website and Municipal corporation of Delhi’s website, Begumpur is a ward under New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Moreover, we found a Twitter user’s complaint to Public Works Department, Delhi regarding the same incident for which they replied “This complaint pertains to MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) @MCD_Delhi.” On multiple occasions, PWD Delhi said Municipal Corporation of Delhi is responsible for these type of road complaints.

To sum it up, video of a group of men dragging a woman out from open drain from Delhi is shared as an incident from Uttar Pradesh.


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