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The man threatening a girl in this video is not a Muslim.


A post is being shared on social media where a man can be seen threatening a girl with a knife. The post claims that the man is a Muslim and the girl is a Hindu. Let’s verify the claim.

Claim: A Muslim man threatened a Hindu girl with a knife in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

Fact: This incident did take place in Indore, however, the man threatening the girl was captured and booked under Arms Act. His name is Piyush Rawat as per the F.I.R copy. He is not a Muslim. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

After searching on the internet with relevant keywords, we found multiple reports of the incident in Indore. Reports on this incident can be read here, here and here. We can see the same man from the video in the thumbnail of an article published by ABP live.

Reportedly, the name of the man seen in the video is Piyush, and he was forcing a girl to marry him. A passerby had made this video & shared on social media. The police apprehended Piyush based on the video evidence and registered a case against him under the Arms Act. We have accessed a copy of the  F.I.R from the website of the Madhya Pradesh police and found his name to be Piyush Rawat, son of Bharat Singh Rawat. The F.I.R copy can be viewed here. From all this, we can conclude that the man is not a Muslim.

To sum it up, the man threatening a girl with a knife in this video is not a Muslim.


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