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Nita Ambani has not tweeted criticizing the government for the money being spent on the Haj pilgrimage every year


post with the screenshot of a tweet purportedly made by Nita Ambani is making rounds on social media. The tweet is from the Twitter handle ‘@0NitaAmbani’ and has a profile picture of Reliance Foundation Chairperson Nita Ambani. In the tweet, the government is criticized for spending 35,000 crores every year on the Haj pilgrimage as there would have been an AIIMS in every district of India if that money was used properly. But FACTLY has found the Twitter handle ‘@0NitaAmbani’ to be of a fan-page of Nita Ambani. A tweet with the same content can also be seen on a Twitter account with the username ‘@0Nita_ji’. That account was also found to be run by fans of Nita Ambani. When searched if Nita Ambani has an account on Twitter, it was found that she does not have any official Twitter account. So, Nita Ambani did not tweet criticizing the government for its spending on the Haj pilgrimage; the tweet is from a fan-page. Earlier, when screenshots of multiple tweets went viral on the name Nita Ambani, FACTLY has debunked them and those fact-checks can be read here, here and here.

Claim Facebook post (archived)
1. Twitter account – https://twitter.com/0NitaAmbani

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