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5 Continents, 18 Countries, 54 Days – PM Narendra Modi’s Foreign Visits in the first year


Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent 54 days abroad in this first year of office visiting 18 different countries in 5 different continents. He visited 12 Asian countries for 28 days followed by 2 North American Countries for 9 days. Back home, he toured 17 states in all spending a total of 63 days in domestic travel. 24 days out of this was for un-official reasons (election campaign). He visited Mumbai most number of times.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi just concluded his first year in office with a visit to the three East Asian countries China, Mongolia & South Korea. In his first year as the PM, he has visited quite a few countries. Here is an attempt to summarize his visits, both Foreign & Domestic.

Foreign Visits

In the first year of office, he has visited 5 continents and 18 countries in about 54 days.  Some of these visits also included bi-lateral & multi-lateral summits like BRICS, SAARC etc. Asia was his favourite destination. He spent 28 days in Asia in 12 different countries. He also spent 9 days in North America, 6 days in South America, 6 days in Europe & 5 days in Australia. He spent 13 days abroad in November 2014 and 9 days in April 2015.

narendra modi foreign visits in the first year

Check the detailed list of his foreign visits & agreements signed till date in a story map format here.

Domestic Visits

Data on the domestic tours of the PM are only available up to February 2015 on the PMO website. He made 50 trips totaling 63 days till February 2015. Out of these, 30 trips were for official purpose and the remaining for un-official reasons. He spent 39 days touring states for official reasons and 24 days for unofficial reasons. Maharashtra was visited maximum number of times for official reasons followed by Jammu Kashmir. Jharkhand, Haryana & Jammu Kashmir were visited most for unofficial reasons (all of them for election campaign)Mumbai was the most visited city. In all, he toured 17 states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Domestic Travel



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  1. Do we know how much money is spent on these foreign visits?
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