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Multiple videos featuring different people are shared with a fictitious Canadian-Chinese magician story


A video is being shared on social media in which a man walking alongside a girl disappears after touching another man; he runs in fear and vanishes in thin air as the girl touches his bag. The post claims she is a 26-year-old Canadian-Chinese magician who won million-dollar prize money in America. Let’s verify this claim through this article.

Claim: Clip of a 26-year-old Canadian-Chinese girl who won 1 Million Dollar prize money for her magic in America. This is the top prize for magic.

Fact: A few other videos on the internet also make the same claim but feature completely different women. There are also no news reports about any Canadian-Chinese women winning a million-dollar prize, the highest-level competition for magic in America. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

A primary keyword search on the internet to know the details of the Canadian-Chinese 26-year-old magician who won the highest price in magic did not yield any relevant news reports. Instead, we found a few videos (here and here) claiming to be the magic competition winner that matched the post’s claimed prize money and ethnicity, and her name was mentioned as Shen Lin. But these videos feature different women than the one in the viral video.

We then performed a reverse image search with a few video keyframes and were led to multiple social media posts (here and here). One such post was made on an I.G. handle known as ‘twentytwohalo‘; this page usually posts VFX and creative videos and gives credit to the creator in the post’s description (here and here). But this post did not contain the creator’s credits. But this viral video can mostly be a work of VFX.

In 2018, a Canadian-American magician known as Shin Lim won the 1 Million USD prize money on Talent T.V. show America’s Got Talent. He was 26 years when he won the show. You can learn more about this here and here.

To sum up, multiple videos featuring different people are being shared with a fictitious story of a Canadian-Chinese magician who purportedly won 1 Million dollars in America.


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