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Man burning the Quran in this video is not the same person who’s caught in fire accident


A video containing two separate visuals of a man burning Quran and a fire breather’s face accidentally catching fire are shared together indicating that fire accident is the consequence of burning Quran. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Visuals of a man caught in fire in the aftermath of burning of the Quran.

Fact: The man seen burning the Quran is different from the man who is caught in fire accident. Visuals of Quran are from Sweden in early 2021 and fire accident video is from an unidentified location in August 2022. Both are two different isolated unrelated incidents. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

We searched YouTube with relevant keywords and found a video matching the visuals in viral video. The video titled, ‘The Quran burned outside the Swedish Riksdag’ was uploaded on 04 March 2021. Description of the video says that a Quran was burnt at an Islam-critical demonstration which was held outside Swedish parliament in a tribute to Samuel Paty.

Similarly, we also found a video of a fire breather’s face accidentally caught in fire. According to News18, the video shows a man doing fire breathing out on the streets in an undisclosed location. During this act, some of the fuel he spat out accidentally came back onto his face setting his beard and part of his face afire.

We compared the images of these two men and found that they are two different persons. On the top of that, both the videos show isolated unrelated incidents.

To sum it up, the video shows two different men involving in two different isolated events.       


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