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Scene of Mahatma Gandhi and Savarkar’s conversation from ‘Veer Savarkar’ movie shared as from ‘Gandhi’ movie


A video clipping is being shared on social media claiming that it shows a scene from the 1982 ‘Gandhi’ movie where Mahatma Gandhi’s is in conversation with Veer Savarkar. Sharing the video, this post claims it as the visuals of Savarkar strongly expressing his disagreement regarding the caste system, religious conversions and non-violence movement with Mahatma Gandhi. This post claims that Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi’ movie had portrayed Gandhi’s lack of confidence in countering Savarkar’s strong views on Hinduism. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video shows Mahatama Gandhi and Savarkar’s conversation scene from 1982 ‘Gandhi’ movie.

Fact: The video shared in the post shows a clipping from ‘Veer Savarkar’ movie that released in 2001. The video does not show a scene from the Richard Attenborough-directed ‘Gandhi’ movie that released in 1982. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

On reverse image search of the screenshots of the video, a video with similar visuals was found published by a YouTube channel in April 2011. The description of the video states, “Vinayak Damodar Savarkar meets Mahatma Gandhi at Ratnagiri. Clip from the movie Veer Savarkar.” When we searched for further sources using the keywords, we found the same visuals in the complete version of ‘Veer Savarkar’ film published on a few YouTube channels. They can be seen here and here.

Ved Rahi directed ‘Veer Savarkar’ movie was released in 2001. The detailed list of cast of the ‘Veer Savarkar’ film can be see here.

Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi‘ movie was released in 1982. A conversation between Mahatma Gandhi and the Hindu right-wing activists, from the movie ‘Gandhi’, can be seen here. Ben Kingsley portrayed the character of Mahatma Gandhi in the Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi’ movie. But, Ben Kingsley did not play the same character in the film ‘Veer Savarkar’. From all these pieces of evidence, it can be concluded that the video shared in the post shows a scene from the Ved Rahi-directed Veer Savarkar’ movie, not from the 1982 released Gandhi movie.

To sum it up, a scene showing Mahatma Gandhi and Veer Savarkar’s conversation from the ‘Veer Savarkar’ movie is shared as from the 1982 ‘Gandhi’ movie.


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