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Clipped version of an informative video on the minimum height required for Indian Army selection is passed off as real


A video is shared on social media where a man is seen disqualified for an Indian Army selection because of his height. The post’s description in Hindi translates to ‘he was rejected because he could not meet the required height standard..it feels terrible, sir..‘ The video implies this incident happened at the Indian Army selection camp. Let’s verify this video through this article.

Claim: A man gets disqualified in the Indian Army selections because of his height.

Fact: The viral video is an informative video made by a YouTube channel named ‘Indore Physical Academy’, which uploads Defence training videos. The viral video is a short clip made from one such video uploaded on this channel regarding the minimum height required for the Indian Army soldier selection. Hence the claim made in the video is MISLEADING.

Running a keyword search on the internet led us to a similar video on Facebook. The video is titled ‘Indian Army Height Measurements GD 170 CM‘, and its host Jitender Singh explains how a candidate’s height is measured during the Indian Army selections.

Jitender also mentions his YouTube channel’s name ‘Indore Physical Academy.’ Using this hint, we looked for the extended version of the viral video and found it on Indore Physical Academy’s YouTube channel, which has around 12 Million subscribers.

In this video which is titled ‘Territorial Army Height Measurements GD 160CM लम्बाई,’ the man who gets disqualified in the viral video can be seen, and the viral video is a small portion of this video. The viral video contains parts of this video from 8 seconds to 28 seconds.

Jitender Singh pulls out a man from the line and tells him that the minimum height requirement is 170 cm and he will not be qualified for the Indian Army (General Duty) for the post of a soldier, but he can apply for the Territorial Army (as a soldier), which according to him has a minimum height requirement of 160 cm.

This is an educational/informative video made by the ‘Indore Physical Academy’, which according to the channel’s description, is a Defence training academy. ‘Indore Physical Academy’ regularly uploads videos related to Defence training on their YouTube channel. With this evidence, we can conclude that an informative video is being shared as an actual incident that occurred during the Indian army selections.

To sum it up, a clipped version of an informative video on the minimum height required for the Indian Army selection is passed off as real.


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