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An unrelated photo is being shared as a three-story bus ordered to be used in Ayodhya Darshan


A viral photo circulating on social media claims to depict a three-story caravan made in Chennai to transport devotees from Ayodhya Airport to Ram Mandir. In this article, we will examine the veracity of this claim.

Claim: A photo of a three-story caravan made for the purpose of Ram Mandir darshan in Ayodhya.

 Fact: The photo is not of a real bus but a design created by inspiringdesigns.net. No credible news agencies have reported the production of such a bus for Ayodhya Darshan. Therefore, the claim is False.

The photo being shared as a three-story bus for Ayodhya Darshan is unrelated. It originated as a design concept on inspiringdesigns.net and does not represent an actual bus.

Firstly, we searched for credible news reports on the creation of such a caravan for Ayodhya travel. However, we found no information supporting such claims from any credible source.

The further investigation involved a reverse image search, which led us to a Facebook post featuring the same photo. The post was shared by Inspiring Designs, a page that showcases creative concepts in furniture, woodworking, and crafts (here). The accompanying description stated, ‘Just don’t drive under any bridges!..’ The photo displayed a watermark attributed to @inspiringdesignsnet, and the post included a link to an article featuring various design concepts.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the viral image had a masked or digitally covered watermark portion, indicating potential manipulation or misrepresentation. You can observe this in the following photo.

To sum up, an unrelated photo is being shared as a three-story bus ordered to be used in Ayodhya Darshan.


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