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An old & unrelated video is being falsely shared as ‘Muslims spreading Coronavirus disease by applying saliva to plates and spoons’


A video is being widely shared on Facebook with the claim that Muslims are spreading coronavirus disease by applying their saliva to plates and spoons. Let’s check the authenticity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of Muslims applying their saliva to plates and spoons to spread the coronavirus disease.

Fact: The first Coronavirus case in the world was registered in December 2019. But the video is found to exist on social media at least since July 2018. So, the video is an old one and the claim is FALSE.

The first Coronavirus case in the world was registered in China in December 2019.

Through reverse image search, the video was found to have existed on the internet at least since July 2018. The video was first posted on Twitter and it was found that the Muslims in the video belonged to ‘Bohra’ community and they were doing so in the video to not waste food. When searched on Google with specific keywords, the same video was found on ‘Vimeo’. The description in this video also had the same information about that video. 

When searched for more information about the ‘Bohra’ community, an article of news agency – ‘The National’ was found. As per this video, the entire Bohra family eats in a single plate ‘Thaal’ and they have ‘no-wastage’ policy. So, they do not leave a single grain of rice on their plate when it is taken away. Also, Bohra men are easy to identify as they put white topis (head caps) with golden embroidery.  

When the head caps of the persons in the video are compared with the head caps worn by Bohra Muslims, they were found to be similar. So, the Muslims in the video belong to Bohra Community and they are licking plates and spoons to not waste food.

To sum it up, an old video of Bohra Muslims licking plates and spoons to have the leftover food is being shared as ‘Muslims spreading coronavirus disease’.

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  1. Your fact check is totally illogical…. Where can u see the soiled plates? Also you can see the people applying the saliva to the plates… You ppl are just bunch of idiots supporting a group who are doing wrong…

    • jumana Officewala on

      I belong to this community and it is totally wrong to accuse the dawoodi bohra community, which is a peace loving community,and abides to every rule of the govt. This is a group,that eat last, after all depart, they serve people. After everyone eats and goes they eat left overs and do not waste a single grain of rice. The foolish person licking spoons is over doing it. Imbecile. It is video which is two years old. This community has some enemies who have made it go viral. These people are safe. U can learn about dawoodi bohras.

  2. जगदीप सिंह के कड़वे बोल on

    हमने कब ये दावा किया कि ये वीडियो पुराना नही है हमने इस परंपरा का हवाला देकर जनता को जागरुक करने का काम किया है कि अगर करोना के इस भयानक‌ दौर में भी इस परंपरा से बर्तन साफ किये गये होगें तो करोना का प्रकोप कोतना बढ़ सकता है।

    इस वीडियो का जनता के सामने आना उन्हें करोना के प्रति जागरुक करने में सहायक सिद्ध होगा।

  3. You are illogical see the people are applying their saliva on the plates not licking up the every grain of rice

  4. If so then why peoples applied there saliva on the back side of the plates. Is there any logic behind this?

  5. Maneesh bharti on

    ये न्यूज़ फैक्ट चेक करने के नाम और कैसे इस्लामिक जिहादी आतंकवाद को बढ़ावा दे रहे है, शर्म की बात है की किस लेवल तक गिरेंगे ये कथित मीडिया वाले

    अच्छा ये बताओ ये वीडियो में कर क्या रहे है

  6. Sajeevan chamar on

    Kya bhadwa pan faila rhe ho tum log, achcha ye batao ye shantidoot juthi thali aur plates chat kr kya kar rhe hai

  7. I request the team who check the facts to forget the corona virus and I will accept all you say just once come to my place i will serve you food in this kind of dishesh and want Facebook’s team who check fact and make opinion will have that food 00919664323368
    That’s my no i invite facebook team along with your CEO

  8. Taher chunawala on

    I really appreciate the fact that you are searching so much about who are spreading the Corona virus and staff it’s really good but don’t spread the fake news not every Muslim are criminal please don’t someone might get hurt with this you never know