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A video of an overflowing waterfall in Gujarat is shared as that from Amboli Ghat, Maharastra


A video is being shared on social media through a post that reads, ‘Tourists going to Amboli Ghat should be careful’, implying that the video is from Amboli Ghat. Let us verify the truth behind this claim through this post.

Claim: Video of overflowing waterfall in Amboli Ghat, Maharastra.

Fact: The waterfall is located in Gujarat. It is a place named Shiv Ghat in Ahwa village of Gujarat’s Dang district. A video from a different location is being shared as Amboli Ghat. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

A search with relevant keywords on the internet led us to another Facebook post with the same video as the one shared in the original post. A user has commented below the post with an ETV Bharat Marathi article titled ‘Dang District WaterFall : Heavy rainfall in Gujarat; The waterfalls in Dang district began to overflow’ (English Translation). This article also includes a video similar to the one shared in the post. Based on the details mentioned in the article, it is understood that the waterfall in the video is the ShivGhat waterfall from Ahwa Village in Gujarat’s Dang district.

A video posted on Google by a user named Vipul Prajapathi shows the waterfalls from almost the same angle as the video from the original post, and we can see that it is the same place. A side by side comparison of the two videos can be seen below.

Various other videos available on the internet also indicate that the location of the video from the post as ShivGhat waterfalls. Those videos can  be viewed here and  here

To sum it up, a video of a waterfall from Gujarat is being shared as that from Amboli Ghat in Maharashtra


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