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A digitally edited video is being shared as Kamala Harris’s drunken speech


A video of United States Vice President Kamala Harris, wherein she can be heard making unclear statements, is being widely shared. The video is being shared claiming that she made these statements under the influence of alcohol. Through this article let’s fact-check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of Kamala Harris’s drunken speech.

Fact: The video is digitally created by overlaying a voice over of Kamala Harris impersonator, on her recent speech at Reproductive Rights event, held at Howard University. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

The viral video is created by digitally editing Kamala Harris’s recent speech at Howard University. The voice of Kamala Harris’s impersonator is overlaid on an excerpt of Kamala Harris’s speech.

Taking a cue from the banner of the Kamala Harris podium, a Google search with relevant keywords led us to the transcript of Kamala Harris’s speech, published by Howard University. However, this transcript does not reference the ‘today/yesterday’ gaffe, as in the viral video.

A further search yielded the video footage of Kamala Harris’s speech on the official Facebook page of ‘NARAL Pro-Choice America’, as it is the co-sponsor of the event. Even in this video footage, we could not find any incoherent speech, as in the viral video.

At the 1 hour timestamp of this video, we can spot Kamala Harris’s gestures matching those in the viral video. This indicates that viral audio could be overlaid on this excerpt of the video.

Moreover, in the viral video, there is a mention of ‘Ramble Rants’ on the banner of the podium. Taking a cue from this, further search led us to a Twitter handle with the same name. This handle shared the same viral video, with the description “Tomorrow will be today, tomorrow”.

However, later, the same handle posted another video of Kamala Harris impersonator, from which he collected the voiceover for the viral meme video. This ascertains that the viral video is digitally created by overlaying a voice-over to Kamala Harris’s speech.

To sum it up, a digitally edited video is being shared as Kamala Harris’s drunken speech


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