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2021 Republic Bharat news report shared as a recent report on the Israel and Palestine conflict


A post with a video report about the Israel-Palestine conflict is being shared on social media. The post description in Hindi loosely translates to ‘Why such oppression towards innocent children in Palestine.’ Let’s verify this post through this article.

Claim: Recent visuals of the conflict between Israel and Palestine as a result of which innocent children are being affected.

Fact: Although this news clip is real, it is from 2021. This is a portion of a news report by the Republic Bharat channel on the Israel-Palestine crisis. Hence the claim made in the post is Misleading.

Observing the logo of Republic Bharat on the video and the adjacent text, which reads ‘Ye Bharat ki baat hai,’ we performed a keyword search on YouTube to find the original news report. This search led us to the original report published by Republic Bharat in May 2021. The viral video is a small portion of this 42-minute report.

In a show named ‘Ye Bharat ki baat hain‘, the anchor Syed Suhail was reporting about the violent Israel-Palestine crisis that broke out in 2021 and the damage it has caused on both sides, etc.

To sum up, an old news report by Republic Bharath on the violent clashes between Israel and Palestine shared a recent report on how innocent children are affected by the conflict.


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