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2015 video of a military exercise conducted by the Serbian special force falsely linked to Indian army


A video is being widely circulated on social media claiming it as the footage of Indian army while conducting a military operation. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

The archived version of this post can be found here

Claim: Video of Indian army conducting a military operation.

Fact:  This video shows an old joint military exercise called ‘Shield 2015’ conducted by the Serbian special operation force during November 2015. This video has nothing to do with the Indian army. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

On reverse image search of the screenshots in the video, similar visuals were found in a video posted by a YouTube channel named ‘specijalne-jedinice’ on ‘26 July 2017’. ‘specijalne-jedinice.com’ website promotes Serbian and other elite military force operations. The description of the video states it to be a joint tactical military exercise called ‘Shield 2015’, conducted by the Serbian Special Force. Sharing the same visuals, ‘specijalne-jedinice’ published an article on their website.

On searching for more information about this video, we found a similar visual of the video in ‘123RF’ website. The website mentions it be a part of the tactical exercise titled ‘Shield 2015’, conducted by the Serbian Special force on ‘20 November 2015’.

When we searched further for other reliable sources using these keywords, we found an article published about this joint military exercise on the official website of the Ministry of Defence, Republic of Serbia. In the article, it is mentioned that a joint demonstration exercise titled ‘Shield 2015’ was conducted successfully by the Serbian special armed forces. We can see visuals similar to those shared in the post in the photo gallery of this article.

To sum it up, video of an old military exercise conducted by the Serbian special force is shared linking it to the Indian Army.


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