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Visuals of Russian and Ukrainian troops are shared as war scenes from Israel and Palestine


A video containing multiple visuals with war equipment is being shared as it shows war scenes in Israel and Palestine. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: The visuals of the video show war scenes in Israel and Palestine.

Fact: Multiple visuals and images in the video have been reported in various news articles, with these images being identified as depicting Russian and Ukrainian troops. Hence, the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

On conducting a reverse image search using the keyframes of the video, we came across a Twitter post featuring a crossed-out thumbnail of the video, which explicitly states that the video is unrelated to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Instead, it allegedly depicts scenes from Ukraine involving Russian soldiers. The post says that the presence of a “Z” on the rocket launcher is indicative of Russian involvement during the invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, it suggests that the individuals in the video can be heard speaking Russian in the later part of the footage.

On further investigation, we found multiple visuals and images in the video are published in various news articles. One of the keyframe extracts was found in an article published by the News directory3 with the caption “Russian soldier in Ukraine: our people were slaughtered.”

Another image was released by a Russian news report, featuring a photograph of a Russian serviceman engaged in combat operations aimed at destroying Ukrainian Armed Forces targets in the Kupyansky direction.

One more picture was located in a different Russian news report, bearing the headline “Russian forces successfully defended against ten assaults launched by the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kupyansk area.”

Upon further investigation, we came across a video featured on a news website suggesting that Russia is deploying soldiers who are heavily under the influence of narcotics for combat purposes.

To sum up, visuals, originally depicting Russian and Ukrainian troops, are shared as they show soldiers from Israel and Palestine.


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