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Visuals of a recent violent clash between two Hindu families in Rajasthan is shared with a communal narrative


A video is being shared on social media claiming it as the visuals of Muslims brutally assaulting a Hindu in Rajasthan. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the website can be seen here.

Claim: Video of Muslims thrashing a Hindu in Rajasthan.

Fact: This incident took place on 19 September 2021 at Mansagar Khatik Mohalla near the Mahamandir police station area in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This violent scuffle took place between two Hindu families. There is no communal angle in the incident. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

On reverse image search of the screenshots in the video, an extended version of this video was found tweeted by a Dainik Bhaskar Journalist on 20 September 2021. He claimed that the incident in the video took place in Jodhpur and also, shared the ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ article published on this incident. This article reported that the persons belonging to two different families clashed violently with sticks and swords at Mansagar Khatik Mohalla near Mahamandir police station. This incident reportedly took place on 19 September 2021. According to the ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ article,  5 persons got injured in this clash and all the 10 accused in this incident were arrested by Mahamandir police.

Reporting the complete details of this incident, the ‘Patrika’ news website published an article on 20 September 2021. SHO Lekhraj Sihag, while speaking to the ‘Patrika’ had said, “ There was a Jagran in the locality on Saturday night on the occasion of Ananth Chaturdashi, where the youth of the opposing side reached and started arguing. The argument led to a fight. On Sunday afternoon, seven to eight youths from one side came armed with swords, iron pipes, rods, etc., and attacked Kailash’s son Ajay’s standing near Jhalra Bera. His maternal uncle Kamlesh intervened, who was also attacked with iron rods”. The ‘Patrika’ news website mentioned the names of all the ten accused in their article. None of the names mentioned in the list is of a Muslim.

FACTLY also contacted the Mahamandir Police station for clarification regarding this scuffle. The Mahamandir police official had confirmed to FACTLY that the two families which clashed at Mansagar Khatik Mohalla belong to the same Hindu community. FACTLY has also accessed the FIR copy of the incident which mentions the same narrative and names.

To sum it up, a video of a violent clash between two Hindu families in Rajasthan is falsely shared with a communal angle.


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