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Visual from a 1981 Soviet film shared as actual footage of a basketball match


A video, allegedly of a  basketball match, is being shared on social media. In the video, a player can be seen dunking the match’s referee in a hoop. The post’s description claims this video is footage of a real basketball game. Let’s fact-check this video through this claim.

Claim: Footage of a basketball match in which a player baskets a referee after she was upset when he called a wrong penalty.

Fact: The viral clip is part of a Soviet era Russian movie named восьмое чудо света/Eighth World Wonder(1981). Hence the claim made in the post is False.

To learn if the viral clip is from an actual basketball match, we broke the video into keyframes using the InVID tool. Using a few keyframes, we performed a reverse image search which led us to a website which contained a movie named восьмое чудо света (The Eighth World Wonder) with the visuals from the viral video. This is a Russian Sports movie released in 1981. The full-length video is also available on YouTube.

Parts of the movie’s footage between 33:34 to 36:16 match the viral video, which wrongly claims this as the visuals of an original basketball game in which a player dunks the referee into a hoop.

To sum up, visual from a 1981 Russian film peddled as actual footage of a basketball match.


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