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Video of a mock drill by Jharkhand Police is falsely shared as Police firing on Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir


A video that shows Policemen firing on civilians is being shared across the social media with the claim that it took place in Kashmir and the Police are firing at the Muslims. Let’s try to analyze the veracity of that video.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of Kashmir Police firing at Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir.    

Fact: The video shows a mock drill activity conducted by Jharkhand Police. So, the claim made in the post stands FALSE.

When the video in the post is run through ‘InVid’ plugin, several keyframes were obtained. On subjecting these keyframes to reverse image search technique, a certain keyframe directed to the same video on YouTube. The video has the title “Moke Dreal of Khunti Police” and was found to be uploaded on November 1, 2017.

When searched with keywords on YouTube, another video that was shot from a different angle was found. In the video, a red building with ‘Jagdamba Steel’ shop can be seen. When looked for it on Google maps, it was found to exist at Khunti in Jharkhand. Also, the surrounding buildings in the video matched with the buildings beside the ‘Jagdamba steel’ shop.

On observing the video, one can easily conclude that the video is a mock drill because:
1. The crowd in the video can be seen standing relaxed on both sides of the road while the police are shooting.
2. At various instances of the video, people can be spotted recording the event casually.
3. In the video, people can be heard laughing and talking casually.

To conclude, a video of a mock drill by Jharkhand Police is falsely shared as Police firing on Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir.

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