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Unrelated video from Coimbatore shared as attack on North Indian workers in Tami Nadu’s Tiruppur


A video containing a series of clips is being shared on social media. In the first clip of the series of three, a man can be seen attacked by a person with a machete. In the second one, a man is seen drenched in blood. In the third video clip, a woman can be seen saying Hindi people should leave their land as Tamils need jobs. The incident in the video clip claimed to be from Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur happened on 22 February 2023. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Video shows an attack on North Indian workers in Tami Nadu’s Tiruppur.

Fact: Although there have been reports of attacks on North Indians in Tiruppur, the clip in the beginning of the viral post in which a man is seen attacking another person with a machete has no connection with the Tiruppur incident. The clips shows a fight that erupted between two gangs in Coimbatore in February 2023. Hence the claim made in the post is Misleading.

Some of the comments made by Facebook users under the viral video pointed out that the video is of an incident in Coimbatore. We took this as a hint and performed a keyword search on Google, which led us to a few news articles containing the first clip from the series of video clips the viral video contains.

Times of India reported that ‘two men were brutally attacked with machetes in broad daylight in Coimbatore. The victims were attacked by a gang of five people. One of the victims died on the spot while other one was seriously injured in the incident.‘  News articles about this incident can be found here and here. The viral post misquotes this as an incident that occurred in Tiruppur.

We could not find the details of the second lip in which a man is seen lying on the road drenched with blood getting help from two men. The last clip is from a news report published by Jaya Plus. According to this report, women workers in Tiruppur performed a sit-in protest in the context of the clash between North Indian workers and a few locals (here and here). Although we could not gather the details about the second clip of the viral post, from the remaining evidence, it is pretty clear that the post has used a series of unrelated videos to attribute them to the Tiruppur incident and claim these as videos taken in Tamil Nadu Tiruppur on 22 Feb 2023.

To sum up, video clip of a gang fight in Coimbatore is shared as attack on North Indian workers in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur.


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