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Unrelated pictures shared as showing PM Narendra Modi’s late mother, Heeraben Modi


A social media post with a few images allegedly of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother is being shared in the context of her demise. Let’s see fact-check this post through this article.

Claim: Pictures of PM Narendra Modi’s late mother Heeraben Modi at different ages.

Fact: Although a few pictures in the post belong to Heeraben Modi, the first three photos do now show her. Those three images belong to three different people. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Photo 1:

Factly had already debunked this photo when the picture went viral a few years ago, claiming the woman in the picture was the mother of PM Narendra Modi. The full photo of this cropped version used in the viral post has the family members of a Facebook user named Maryala Srinivas. According to one of his Facebook posts, the woman in the picture is his mother.

Photo 2:

We searched the internet with relevant keywords to know if this is a picture of Heenaben Modi. This led us to a news article published by the Navbharat Times about the family tree of Narendra Modi. This article contains the same picture, and according to the article, the person in this picture is Vasanthiben Modi, sister of Narendra Modi. You can also see her photos in these articles, here and here.

Photo 3:

A reverse image search of this photo on Google led us to an article published by NDTV. This article was from 2020, when NDTV interviewed film journalist Bhawana Somaaya. The viral post incorrectly attributes her picture to late Heeraben Modi. 

To sum up, unrelated pictures are being attributed to PM Narendra Modi’s late mother, Heeraben Modi.


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